Just in case it’s your first time at a spa, we have given you some useful tips to help you along. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts – just to ensure your entire experience is stress-free and geared towards ultimate relaxation.

We hope our Know How advice will ease you through your Spa Experience with us.

DO have more than one date in mind when you phone to book, as we might be fully booked at your chosen time.

DO choose your treatments before you come, and ensure you book all of them when you make your reservation.

DO ensure you know exactly how long your treatments will take in total to ensure you aren’t stressed about time once you arrive.

DO drink plenty of water before and after treatments to enhance their benefits.

DON’T eat for at least an hour before or after a massage, for optimum comfort.

DO arrive 15mins early to allow yourself time to fill out your consultation form and begin your treatment in a relaxed, unhurried frame of mind.

DO bring along any spa gift vouchers if this is your form of payment, as these will have to be handed in when you arrive.

DO remember that the spa is designed to be a quiet, tranquil space for all our clients. Please respect the needs of other clients – turn off cell phones and speak quietly.

DO remove your bra when undressing for full-body treatments, but keep underwear on. You will be draped with large towels during treatments.

DO control the conversation during treatments. If you prefer to have treatments in silence, please feel free to request this from your therapist. Ensure you advise your therapist of any concerns during your treatment, if you are feeling any discomfort, please advise your therapist immediately.

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