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Rejuveness Day Spa Speciality Menu


Smoked Salmon Salad…R 160 per person

Delicious slivers of Smoked Salmon atop a crisp green salad complimented with cream cheese, capers, lemon slices, black pepper and croutons

Grilled Chicken Salad…R 130 per person

Succulently spiced and grilled breast fillet atop a crisp green salad, accompanied by a zesty lemon balsamic dressing, roasted peppers and feta cheese.


Fruit and Cheese Platter …R 180 per person

A scrumptious mix of fresh seasonal fruit, Calamata olives, selected aged cheeses and fresh crackers

Mixed Platter…R 200 per person

A medley of fresh meats, crisp fruits, savouries  and more all come together to suffice a delicious appetite.

Something Sweet.....

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries…R 100 per portion

Fresh succulent strawberries smothered in mouth-watering dark chocolate and finished with lashings of rich chocolate sauce.

Pavlova…R 100 per portion

Fresh strawberries and kiwi fruit smothered in a luxuriously infused sweet cream atop a meringue nest.

Freshly Baked Slices of Cake...R 45 per slice