First spa experience?

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Lucky us – we’re excited to be your first spa experience. We hope you’ll
enjoy every second!

To make sure that you get the most out of your time with us, here are a
few pointers:

* *Choose your treatments.*Browse our comprehensive spa menu on our
site, and decide which treatments you’d like to book for. You may
have a gift voucher for a specific treatment, so read-up about it on
the site too. Check how long your treatments will be then workout
how long you need to set aside for your spa experience. If you are
unsure about any of the treatments, or would just like more
information about them, don’t hesitate to give us a ring.

* *Let us know.*Please inform your therapist if you are on any
medication, have high blood pressure, any heart conditions, have had
surgery recently, have muscle or joint injuries, sinusitis, any
allergies, are pregnant, have epilepsy, are diabetic, have eczema or
psoriasis, or have recently been sun

* *No food before massages.*If you are having a massage treatment,
make sure you don’t eat anything for at least an hour before. You’ll
be uncomfortable and could get cramps ad feel nauseous if you do.

* *Treatment time.*During your treatment you should control the
conversation (if any). If you do not want to be bothered with
chit-chat please let the therapist know she must respect your
silence. Do not be afraid to speak out and tell your therapist if
you are uncomfortable, cold or unhappy with the pressure of the

* *Clear your diary.*When you give us a call to make your booking, try
and have at least two dates available. We hate to disappoint our
clients, but we can only accommodate so many people at a time, so to
ensure we find you find a convenient time slot, give us a few
options. Our reception girls will guide you through the easy booking

* *Drink up.*Prep your body for your spa experience by making sure
your drink plenty of water before and after your treatment. This
will help your body rid itself of any toxins, enhancing the
effectiveness of your treatment.

* *Please inform*us upon making an appointment for a manicure or
pedicure if you have gel on your nails or toe nails and weather you
would like it to be removed. We need to allocate extra time to this
for you when you book your appointment.

* *Home care.*We believe in our brands, that’s why we stock them. We
give you the opportunity to purchase at-home products relevant to
the treatment you had. Your therapist will make recommendations at
the end of your session.  We just want to inform you of your options.

* *Bring your vouchers.*If you have booked your treatment with a gift
voucher, bring it along with you, as you’ll have to hand it in on
arrival as ‘payment’.

* *Show your appreciation.*So many people are unsure of what to do
when it comes to tipping. The average tipping rate in the spa
industry is between 15% and 20% of your treatment price. If you were
unhappy (we certainly hope not) with your treatment, please give us



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